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993 Carrera 4S

Porsche Carrera 4S Press Article

Total 911 - 16 years ago, Peter Tognola bought his dream car. After pouring over spec sheets and taking long test drives at OPC dealers, he decided a black 993 Carrera 4S with some select options was for him. He took delivery on l August 1996, and remembers every detail of the day perfectly ...Read More

What's In Your Garage?

Tognola Engineering Press Article

911 & Porsche World - We've all mapped out our dream garage in readiness for a Lotto windfall. What would yours look like? I know mine would leave space for something Carrera GT-shaped, a Gen 2 997 GT3 and from the air-cooled camp, perhaps the seminal 993 RS ...Read More

The Feelgood Factor - 4 Wheel Alignment

Porsche Wheel Alignment Press Article

911 & Porsche World - Suspension alignment might seem about as exciting a subject as macro-economics or caravanning, but there's no way your Porsche will corner like a genuine sports car unless all four wheels are pointing in exactly the right directions ...Read More

993 RS

Porsche 993 Press Article

911 & Porsche World - Many newer Porsches may naturally be quicker and more agile than the now 12-year-old 993 RS, but the latter still offers huge performance - and even the best might cost you little more than a well-specified Cayman 'S'. It is, in short, a very hard act to follow - and surprisingly exclusive, too ...Read More