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Porsche Wheel Alignment How does your Porsche feel when you tackle fast corners? Pretty good, probably - and stable in a straight line, too, no doubt. But what it feels like a three-wheeler on slick-smooth crossplies? And what if it also seems to get through tyres - both front and rear - rather more quickly than you can say Continental Conti-SportContact?

Any car's handling and tyre-wear characteristics depend on a number of closely related factors (not the least of which is the way the thing is actually driven), but the fact remains that one of the most important elements in the equation is also one of the most frequently overlooked, too.

Porsche Wheel Alignment

As road surfaces deteriorate, so your car's suspension takes more of a pounding. Couple this with a gradual loss of rigidity in the rubber-based suspension mounting bushes (and each corner of your Porsche may feature up to a dozen), and it becomes fairly easy to see why a full alignment check should be a s regular an annual task as a major service or MOT.

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