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Porsche 993 RS

We've all mapped out our dream garage in readiness for a Lotto windfall. What would yours look like? I know mine would leave space for something Carrera GT-shaped, a Gen 2 997 GT3 and from the air-cooled camp, perhaps the seminal 993 RS. Simon Bartington's collection of air-cooled 911s is sure to make you envious, particularly if you're an RS fan.

As you can see, Simon's clearly been bitten by the Porsche bug. Not one, but two generations of air-cooled 911 RS grace his fabulous collection. Flanking his recently acquired 993 RS is a full-blown racer, the 964 RS N-GT.

Porsche 964 RS Touring

Both are fairly full-on 911s, so it would seem apt that any dream garage would contain something slightly less hardcore for when he's not in the racer mindset? Well don't fret, because Simon has two more 911s to choose from, a rather lovely RHD 964 RS Touring and another unique car in its own right, a Mint Green 993 Carrera 2 RS replica. Jealous yet? I know we are.

The story of Simon's obsession with the Stuttgart marque began in his 20s when he purchased his first Porsche, a 3.2 Carrera. At the insurance unfriendly age of 24, Simon endured six months of tantalising frustration as the flat-six sat dormant. But as they say, good things come to those who wait, and sure enough Simon would soon be living out any young petrolhead's dream before succumbing to this revered marque. It's fair to say his virginal experience with the 911 saw him fall head over heels with Porsche's flagship model.

Porsche 993 Carrera RS

The 3.2 Carrera would stay part of Simon's life until two years ago when he sold it to Greg of Tognola Engineering, the specialist outfit that takes fastidious care of his prestigious fleet today.

In 2006 Simon's infatuation with the 911 reached new heights when he had a first-hand taste of Porsche's 911 RS, and the rest, as they say, is history. "I loved the Carrera but when I drove the RS I finally understood....

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